Segelflugzeug mit Anhänger und Zugfahrzeug in Luxemburg gestohlen

Danach das Rundmail an alle Segelflieger:

Sendet: Wednesday, 5th April 2017 09:56

A Ventus 2cM glider, registration G-III0, serial number 41, and trailer along with the tow car (a grey metallic BMW530d registration WG 08 ULV) were stolen last month near Arlon, Belgium. The trailer was last reported seen in Oelegem at 2030 on the 26th March.

Please contact the owner by email, Steve Clark, with any information.

This glider was stolen just to the West of Luxembourg. Can it be advertised to our members, the Sauer cup clubs and maybe further within the German gliding community?

Steve Clarke is a member of my UK gliding Club – Dartmoor Gliding Society.

I will contact my Belgian colleagues to advertise this across the Belgium gliding clubs.

Best Regards


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